How To…Create a Beautiful Bathroom

One of the most used rooms in the home yet one where practicality is often chosen over style, we show you five great ideas to revamp your bathroom and make it one you can be proud of.


1.Live in Luxury

 Everyone dreams of creating a luxury bathroom to relax in at the end of a hard day. The good news is this doesn’t need to cost the earth and you don’t need to live in a mansion to achieve this look.

Start by choosing a sophisticated shade of your chosen colour (we love this vibrant yet calming blue) and then carefully select your furniture and accessories such as a roll top bath, glamorous chandelier and elegant table.

Glamour Bathroom Azure Blue 4


Paint used: Azure Blue 4


Top tip: Candles are a must for this look but if you don’t want to splash out on expensive scented ones, create a display using simple glass tea light holders.


2.Perfect Pattern

Pattern Bathroom Natural Taupe 2 Natural Taupe 4

When it comes to bathrooms, it isn’t just tiles that can provide pattern, paint can be used to brighten up a dull space and add interest far more easily.

Here two shades of the same colour have been used to create a striking checkerboard design in this sleek and contemporary bathroom. To create this look, simply mark out a grid system and paint alternate squares in your chosen colours.


Paint used: Natural Taupe 2 Natural Taupe 4

Top tip: Other pattern ideas include simple stripes (try alternating the widths for a colourful barcode effect) or simple spots which you can easily create by drawing around a dinner plate and filling the shape with paint.


3.Family Matters

Family Bathroom Lime Zest 1 Grey Steel 2

Family bathrooms need to be super practical with enough space to keep everyone’s clutter in check but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too.

We love this zesty lime and grey bathroom which has handy, deep shelves built into the wall to provide clever storage. Other colour combinations which would work well for this look include coral and teal (such as Burnt Autumn 3 and Javan Dawn 4 ) or bright pink and orange (Candy Love 2 and Jungle Ginger 2)  Check out our handy colour selector for more colour inspiration


Paint used: Lime Zest 1; Grey Steel 2

Top tip: If space is at a premium, look for wall-hung storage, which will keep your bathroom clutter free and not take up valuable floor space.



4.Confident with Colour

Color bathroom Spring Breeze 3 Javan Dawn 5 

Often people avoid painting small spaces in bright colours because they feel it will make the room look smaller. This isn’t the case as long as you choose your shades carefully. This room has been cleverly decorated by making the lighter colour dominate, using the darker teal to add accents. Remember to check how your paint looks at different times of the day by painting large sheets with your chosen shade, hanging in the room then checking how they look morning, afternoon and night.

Paint used: Spring Breeze 3; Javan Dawn 5

Top tip: Adding a large mirror will add an increased sense of space while choosing accessories in your chosen accent colour will pull the whole scheme together.


5.Wonder Walls

Wonder Walls Bathroom Twisted Bamboo 2 Cameo Silk 3

If your walls have seen better days and are less than perfect, wooden panelling is a great way to cover them up and add texture and interest to your scheme. Here a simple tongue and groove effect has been used and finished in two neutral shades. If you’re feeling a little braver, fretwork panels can look particularly impressive especially when painted in a different shade to the wall colour.


Paint used: Twisted Bamboo 2; Cameo Silk 3

Top tip: This neutral scheme suits both classic and contemporary homes but if you want to go bolder why not try painting alternative panels different colours for a smart, striped look.


We know you’re a super stylish lot and that means you’ll want the youngest members of the family to have a stylish scheme too. So read on to find out about our favourite ideas for bedrooms for everyone from toddler to teen.



Who’s little ones doesn’t like jungle animals? However, if you’re less than artistic, sketching elephants, tigers and others can be a tad stressful. For an easy yet effective alternative, why not copy this scheme. Here three shades of green have been used to create a simple yet effective jungle scheme. Complete the look by adding stuffed toys and jungle motif bed linen and soft furnishings to create a fun scheme your little ones will be proud of.

Woodland Fern 2 Willow Creek 1 Willow Creek 3 Blue Seduction 6

Paint used: Woodland Fern1; Willow Creek 1; Willow Creek 3; Blue Seduction 6

Top tip: If you want to add animals but aren’t confident painting freehand, look for special wall stickers instead.



You’ll need a steady hand, but this circus theme room is sure to put a smile on the face of every small boy and girl. After painting the room using Pure Brilliant White, choose a bold red such as Volcanic Splash 3 and paint shapes on the ceiling to mimic the inside of a circus tent. Add circus themed accessories such as clowns and bunting to finish the look.

Volcanic Splash 3 Pure Brilliant White

Paint used: Volcanic Splash 3; Pure Brilliant White

Top tip: Sketch the shape onto card, cut out and use as a template so you get even shapes all round.



Pink can often be seen as being too girly or a little saccharine but by combining bold and soft shades the look is altogether more sophisticated and the perfect choice for a teenager’s room. To choose your perfect shade, try pairing large sheets of card using a tester pack paint in your chosen shades and hang them in the room to ensure you get the right combination before painting.

Fucshsia Falls 1 Fucshia Falls 5

Paint used: Fuchsia Falls 1; Fuchsia Falls 5

Top tip: If you want to incorporate pink but aren’t sure about an all-over scheme, combine it with colours such as teal, grey and white.



When children get older, it’s a good idea to start involving them when decorating their space so they can be really proud of their bedroom. Work together to create moodboards using tearsheets from magazines to plan a scheme you’re all be happy with. We love this blue and off-white bedroom which is super sophisticated while still being fun.

Sapphire Springs 2 Chalky Downs 1

Paint used: Sapphire Springs 2 Chalky Downs 1

Top tip: Look for neutral accessories and furniture in metals, white and woods so if you decide to change the colour scheme you won’t have to buy new.



Mexican Mosaic 3 Pure Brilliant White.jpg

Decorating a tweens bedroom can be tricky; too grown up for cartoon characters and not ready for a sophisticated teen scheme. We love this locker-room themed bedroom, which offers the perfect solution.

To create this scheme, paint one wall in a bright shade (we love Mexican Mosaic 3) and using a ruler mark sections painting them white and add bold numbers to create the locker room scheme. Choose accessories such as metal lockers, which are perfect for storage, and add a bright green rug to mimic astroturf.

Paint used: Pure Brilliant White; Mexican Mosaic 3

Top tip: If orange isn’t for you, experiment with other bold shades such as green, blue and bright pink. Remember to use tester packs first before you commit to a colour.

Are you after some more colour inspiration? 

Visit our handy colour selector to see what colour grabs you. Our colour selector suggests similar shades and complementary colours so you can create the perfect scheme. Or why not check out our other articles for more inspiration!

Happy painting!




Small spaces are often the most difficult to decorate, especially when it comes to choosing colour. Here we explore five great ideas to add colour to the smaller rooms in your home while still making sure they appear light and airy.



If you’re not blessed with a huge kitchen, don’t make the mistake in thinking you have to go for all-white walls. While this will increase the feeling of space and light, you can still afford to add some colour too. This kitchen combines soft mint walls with dark units and white tiles for a sophisticated look that is interesting but still remains light and bright.

Granada Green 5 .jpg

Top tip: If an overall wall colour isn’t for you, split the wall in half and paint one half white and the other in your chosen pale shade.


Paint used: Granada Green 5



Hallways are often narrow and dark which means when it comes to decorating, you need to keep things light and bright. However, that doesn’t have to mean boring as this super stylish space proves. Instead of white, a pale aqua has been used which makes the scheme more interesting while still creating a sense of light.

Crushed Pine 6

Top tip: Mirrors can help increase the sense of light and space in a narrow hallway so try grouping together a selection on one wall.


Paint used: Crushed Pine 6



Often the smallest room in the house, functionality is sometimes overlooked for style when it comes to decorating bathrooms. A white bathroom suits both contemporary and classic styles and will of course make the overall space feel larger. If you want to add some colour why not copy this look by painting the ceiling in a soft shade such as Blue Seduction and adding a vibrant pop of colour by painting the door in a vibrant shade.

Pure Brilliant White Volcanic Splash 3 Blue Seduction 4

Top tip: Make sure your chosen accent colours work well together by painting large sheets of paper and placing them side by side. Repeat until you find a combination you’re happy with.


Paint used: Pure Brilliant White; Volcanic Splash 3; Blue Seduction 4



Most think that having a small space means you can’t be bold with colour but as this fantastic study proves, being a bold in small doses can create real impact. In this super stylish study, the majority of the wall has been painted white with accent colours used on the lower half of the wall and floor to add interest. As an alternative and if you have architectural details such as dado and picture rails, paint these in an accent colour to add depth to the room.

Woodland Fern 3 Javan Dawn Pure Brilliant White 1 -G

Top tip: Pull your scheme together by using the same colours for accessories such as lighting and desk accessories.


Paint used: Pure Brilliant White; Javan Dawn 2; Woodland Fern 3



As with kitchen, there’s temptation to paint a small spare bedroom all-white in order to make it appear more spacious. Soft neutrals such as puttys, minks and pale greys are equally as good as white at making a space appear larger but add more interest and depth to a scheme. If you don’t want to go for a colour on every wall, try painting three of them white and one in colour or vice versa.

Cameo Silk 2


Top tip: Keep spare bedroom light and airy by choosing white painted furniture and neutral flooring. Add an increased sense of light by adding a mirror or three to the walls.


Paint used: Cameo Silk 2

We can’t wait to see how you’ve transformed your rooms using our ideas so please share your pics on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Are you after some more colour inspiration? 

Visit our handy colour selector to see what colour grabs you. Our colour selector suggests similar shades and complementary colours so you can create the perfect scheme. Or why not check out our other articles for more inspiration!

5 ways to use grey paint in your home

Grey is a perennial favourite when it comes to decorating the home. It’s one of our most popular shades with many customers opting for a grey shade when it comes to decorating.

Here we share five of our favourite ways to use grey paint in the home.




gNight Jewels1 Candy Love 6 .jpg

Yellow and white are great shades to team with grey but pink offers a bigger punch and result in a more statement combination.

This dining room combines a dark grey with a subtle, almost-there blush pink, which creates a sophisticated scheme.

If you’re feeling bolder, try teaming a dark grey such as Night Jewels 2 with accents of a bold, almost neon pink such as Fuchsia Falls 1.  Check out our handy colour selector for more colour inspiration.


Paint colours: Night Jewels 1, Candy Love 6


Top tip: Choose your shades carefully to make sure they work together by using tester packs to paint large pieces of paper or card and hanging them in the room before painting.




An all-grey room isn’t for everyone, especially if your space is small but that doesn’t mean you can incorporate it into your scheme. Here a pale grey has been teamed with classic white to create a statement wall in a bedroom.

If this sort of pattern feels a little too ambitious, broad or narrow stripes work well too adding interest and breaking up an all grey room.


Paint colours: Clouded Pearl 1, Pure Brilliant White


Top tip: If you’re not keen on a pattern, you can still incorporate grey into your scheme by painting the walls white and adding accents of grey by painting woodwork and doors and adding accessories.




Grey can sometimes make a room feel cold and uninviting particularly when used on all walls. To combat this, incorporate a palette of two or three additional colours to add interest and break the grey up. In this retro room, bold brights have been used but this idea works equally well with pastels or sophisticated neutrals.


Paint colours: Grey Steel 1, Mexican Mosaic 3, Sea Urchin 4


Top tip: Look for accessories such as cushions and vases which feature your chosen colour palette to bring your scheme together.




Grey is often considered only suited to contemporary spaces but in actual fact works in period properties too.

Here grey has been teamed with a classic fireplace and ornate accessories such as the mirror to create a timeless scheme. If you’re worried about your room looking too dark, copy this scheme by using white accessories to break up the grey.


Paint colours: Grey Steel 2


Top tip: To create a truly classic scheme using grey, consider teaming your paint with a traditional wallpaper such as a stripe or floral.





Dark grey looks uber sophisticated in both classic and contemporary schemes. A deep grey works best in a room with lots of natural light or a carefully thought through lighting scheme.

Here the grey has been teamed with white accents to prevent the overall look from becoming too “blocky” while turquoise accessories have been used to add pops of colour.

Paint colours: Night Jewels 3

Top tip: Pair dark greys with light wood (such as the floor and coffee table used here) for a look that is sleek and contemporary without appearing too cold.

We can’t wait to see how you’ve transformed your rooms using our ideas so please share your pics on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Are you after some more colour inspiration? 

Visit our handy colour selector to see what colour grabs you. Our colour selector suggests similar shades and complementary colours so you can create the perfect scheme. Or why not check out our other articles for more inspiration!

Happy painting!


How To…Choose The Right Paint

Selecting your colour is only the start, to make sure your walls look as good as the day you painted them, you need to choose the right formula. Read on to find out how to choose the right paint for your home.



Browse colours

Bathrooms are notorious when it comes to damp, mould and mildew and not all paints can withstand the daily wear and tear.

The Dulux Amazing Space Paint collection features over 380 colours, all of which are available in super hardwearing Durable Steam Resistant.

This will protect your walls and paintwork from moisture in the bathroom and also contains a fungicide to protect against mould.

Top tip: Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the home so choose your colours carefully. Paint large sheets of paper with a selection of shades and hang them in the room before making your final decision.




Browse colours

Kitchens are prone to grease so choosing our Durable paint makes perfect sense. Available in a wide range of colours from pastels and neutrals to bold brights and sophisticated darks, you can choose from Matt and Flat Matt features to create your perfect paint which will both add colour to your walls as well as making cooking spills easy to clean.


Top tip: If you can’t afford an expensive glass splash back, paint a section of the wall behind the hob and sink in a different shade and screw a piece of glass over the top. The beauty of this is if you get bored with the existing colour, you can simply paint over it.


Living room


Cameo Silk 2                                                               English Mist 1

Browse colours

Living rooms need to look their best whatever the time of year and however much they’re used. To withstand modern family life and keep your walls looking as good as new, our High Coverage feature paint is the ideal choice. Perfect for creating a finish rich in colour, this paint is available in two finishes; Matt which will give you smooth, contemporary finish as well as hiding imperfections in your wall; and Flat Matt which will give your walls a sophisticated appearance.


Top tip: Colours can change depending on the time of day and can be affected by artificial light too. Before committing brush to wall, make sure you take time to check what your chosen shades look like in the morning, afternoon and evening.



Browse colours

Whether you’re going for pastels or brights, one colour or several, to keep your bedroom looking its best, which is what makes our High Coverage paint the perfect choice. Especially if your walls are less than perfect or you’re using a particularly high pigmentation colour such as red. Available in Matt, which is also withstands daily wear and tear, and great at covering up imperfections, and Silk which gives your walls a delicate, subtle sheen, whatever colour you choose, you can rest assured your bedroom walls will look great.


Top tip: Accent colours in a bedroom add interest especially if you’re not using wallpaper. Pick a contrasting or complementary colour to your main walls and use it to paint woodwork, doors and window frames.


Kid’s room



Browse colours

We all know little ones love nothing more than to grab the nearest crayon and turn your walls into a work of art so a scrubbable, washable hardwearing paint is a must. Which makes the Durable feature the perfect choice. It’s super hardwearing and you can wash it too so if your children fancy themselves of mini Picassos, you don’t need to worry about them scribbling on the walls. Available in a choice of over 380 colours, we love this vibrant Amazon Beat 1, which will see your little darlings through from tots to teens.


Top tip: Let your kids choose the paint colour for their bedroom or playroom with you. They’re much more likely to keep their space tidy and clutter free if they’ve had a say in the decoration plans. We think!





Browse colours

Hallways can often become a dumping ground for kicked off shoes and discarded coats which means you need a paint that’s tough and able to withstand scuffs and marks. That makes our Durable paint the ideal choice. Available in over 380 colours and with a choice of finishes including Matt and Flat Matt, you can rest assured your hallway will consistently look great however much traffic and clutter it receives.

Top tip: If you have a particularly narrow, dark hallway, think about using light, neutral colours and a large mirror to reflect light and create the feeling of space.


We can’t wait to see how you’ve transformed your rooms using our ideas so please share your pics on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Are you after some more colour inspiration? 

Visit our handy colour selector to see what colour grabs you. Our colour selector suggests similar shades and complementary colours so you can create the perfect scheme.  Any full tin paint purchased up until 28th February will be discounted by 20% when you use voucher code WINTER20  (T&C’s apply).  Or why not check out our other articles for more inspiration!

Happy painting!

5 ways to spruce up your bedroom with Dulux Amazing Space Paint


If you’re looking to give your bedroom an impressive makeover, we’ve got the solution. Read on to find out about five easy and inspiring ways to turn your bedroom from boring to brilliant.

1.Headboard chic


Headboards can be expensive, so why not create a simple one by painting it straight onto your wall. This simple design was created by marking out two rectangles, one smaller than the other and painted using a darker tone to contrast with the wall colour. If you want to try a more intricate shape, such as a curve, sketch your design on stiff cardboard and cut it out before drawing around it directly onto the wall and filling in with your chosen paint colour.

Inky Pool 1;                Javan Dawn 4


2.Child’s Play


Kid’s rooms should be bold and fun but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. If you don’t fancy decorating your little one’s room with cartoon characters, why not try copying this fun look by painting bright bold numbers directly onto the wall.

Simply create templates out of cardboard, apply them to the wall and draw around them, then remove and paint the shape in your chosen colour. Choose a palette of three or four shades to create a brilliantly colourful scheme that looks great and also helps your children learn their numbers.

Paradise Green 2;         Willow Creek 2;            Royal Regatta 3;           Mexican Mosaic 3

Be sure to visit our free online paint service to help with your room transformation. You can get testers to help you with your colour choice. Then, once you’ve decided on your colour, our service will guide you through the process of picking the best features and finishes for your space and custom-make the perfect paint for you. All orders are then delivered to your home within 2 working days. Use voucher code WINTER20 until 28/02/17  for 20% off (T&C’s apply)


3.Dynamic Duo


Dado rails are traditionally found in period properties but offer a good way to use two colours on the same wall. Here an invisible dado rail has been imagined exactly halfway so two complementary colours can be used together. To achieve this look, measure your wall from ceiling to floor and mark the halfway point painting each section a different shade.


English Mist 1;             Twisted Bamboo 2

 4.Classic Combinations


Black and white. Cream and navy. Classic colour combinations never go out of fashion whether your style is classic or contemporary. If you’d like to try something a little bolder, grey and yellow work brilliantly together and are perfect for the bedroom. Opt for a pale lemon and soft grey for a new take on pastels or vibrant punchy bolds (as has been used here) and use the two colours on alternate walls. If you prefer a more subtle look, consider using one colour on all of the walls and the other to highlight accents and details such as woodwork.


Spring Breeze 2;             Night Jewels 2


5.Bold and Brave


If you’re after a change from neutrals, why not go bold in the bedroom and paint your space in an eye-catching, showstopping bright?

The trick to getting this look right is to keep everything else in the room fairly simple. So look for furniture with clean lines and plain bedroom linen and accessories in shades that suit your chosen wall colour.

To ensure you choose the right colour for you, choose a selection of colours that appeal to you then using the tester packs, paint A4 sheets of paper and hang then in the room you’re decorating. Remember to look at the colours at different times of the day, as light will change their appearance before settling on your chosen shade.


Moroccan Velvet 3

We can’t wait to see how you’ve transformed your rooms using our ideas so please share your pics on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Are you after some more colour inspiration? 

Visit our handy colour selector to see what colour grabs you. Our colour selector suggests similar shades and complementary colours so you can create the perfect scheme.  Any full tin paint purchased up until 28th February will be discounted by 20% when you use voucher code WINTER20  (T&C’s apply).  Or why not check out our other articles for more inspiration!

Happy painting!

Valentine’s Style from Dulux Amazing Space Paint


The year’s most romantic day is fast approaching and we have some great, non-traditional ideas to celebrate with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Paint together

If you can survive a weekend visit to a well-known Swedish homeware shop at the weekend, then you can certainly paint a room together.

While it might not seem like the most romantic activity, what could be nicer than spending time together giving your home a fresh look both of you can be proud of.

Our handy colour selector means you can choose colours together without having to strain your eyes over colour charts and with our brilliant delivery service, you don’t even have to leave home, and once you’ve decided on the colour for you can get tailor-made paint delivered to your door within 48 hours.  Use voucher code WINTER20 at the checkout by 28th February for a 20% discount on all full paint tins*.

Bedroom shades


If you’re trying to impress a new love or an old one, sprucing up your bedroom is a good idea. Pink and red isn’t for everyone though, so it might interest you to know that there are other romantic colours out there. Purple is known for passion and romance and we have a great selection of shades from Damson Dream 1 to Lilac Heather 2. Blue signifies trustworthiness, and our selection ranges from delicate Azure Sky 6 to punchy Amazon Beat 2 while maroon (Volcanic Splash 1) is the perfect choice) is known to symbolise outrageous passion and imagination.

 See more colours like this

Dine in Style

If you’re not heading out to a restaurant and prefer a cosy supper a deux, why not spend some time surprising your loved one by sprucing up your dining room. As well as giving your space a lick of fresh paint with your chosen shade, you can make subtle, easy changes, which will give your room a new look. For example, jam jars can be transformed into colourful tea light holders by swirling paint from one of our tester packs inside and popping in a tea light.

Say it with paint


If you really want to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day, why not make a big gesture. No not with an oversized stuffed bear, but with words and paint. Pick a favourite quote or song lyric and using one of our tester packs, paint your chosen sentiment on the wall a large as you like for real impact. If you’re not confident doing it freehand, look for readymade stencils or stick to simple hearts and if that doesn’t get you brownie points you can always paint straight over it!  What better excuse to refresh your walls.


Feel free to share your room transformations on our social channels.

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Are you after some colour inspiration? 

Visit our handy colour selector to see what colour grabs you.  Any full tin paint purchased up until 28th February will receive a 20% discount .  Just use the voucher code WINTER20 at the checkout *(T&C’s apply).